Reviews Screen

'Reviews' is a landing page used to access some of the key evaluation screens that you may use on day-to-day basis.

Depending on your system configuration, there are up to three screens available in Reviews:

  • My Goal Reviews
  • My Check-in Reviews
  • My Checklists 

Navigate to the 'Reviews' screen by clicking on the icon in the Side Menu:

My Goal Reviews

'My Goal Reviews' Screen is used to manage your Goals and any  Goals you are the Reviewer for. This will be the main screen for you to manage your Goals Tasks.

For more information, see: My Goal Reviews

My Check-ins Reviews

The 'My Check-in Reviews' Screen is to manage your own Check-ins and any Check-ins you are the Reviewer for.

For more information, see: My Check-in Reviews

My Checklists

'My Checklists' is used to monitor the progress of any checklists that you are the owner of.