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Reading and Signing Documents

In Cezanne, you may be required to read and electronically sign certain documents sent to you by your HR Team.

Task and E-mail

If there are new documents for you to read and, if configured, sign, you will receive a new Task in your Cezanne inbox and receive a 'Documents to Read or Sign' e-mail:



'Documents to Read or Sign' E-mail

'Documents to Read or Sign' E-mail
Downloading a Document

When you click the task, the process screen will open.

  1. Select one of the documents
Downloading the Document
  1. Click to Download the document.
  2. After downloading, the Download button will change to confirm that the document has been downloaded.


  • If signing has not been configured as an option, only Download and Mark as Read buttons will be displayed.
Marking a Document as Read
  1. When the documents are read, select Mark as Read.
  2. After marking as read, the Mark as Read button will change to "Marked as Read" and the details will be stored in the "Read" section.
Marking the Document as Read
Signing a Document
  1. Click Sign to open the e-signature pop-up.
Signing the Document
  1. Enter your e-signature and select Sign.
  1. After signing, the sign button will change to "Signed" and the details will be stored in the "Signed" section.
  1. Once all documents have been downloaded, marked as read and signed (if configured), click Sign-Off to submit the process.
Error Messages

Error 20554

If you have not downloaded / marked as read / signed any of the documents the following error message will be displayed when you click Sign-Off:

Error 20554