API v2: Google Calendar Sample

We have developed a sample application using v2 of the API which can extract all employee Absences, based on a configured list of Absence Types and Companies and import them into a Google Calendar. This can then be shared within your organisation providing an overall picture of all absences.

This article shows how the Google Calendar looks when configured. If you would like to use the sample application, please contact the Support team for more information.


  • This Sample application does not work in the same way as the Cezanne Calendar (that allows you to restrict which employees' absences are displayed), instead all absences from every enrolled employee of a particular Absence Type will be exported to, and displayed, in the Google Calendar.


The following example shows how an Absence is displayed in the System and in Google Calendar.

  • Christopher Beaumont has booked 12/12/2014 as a Holiday:
  • Brenda Becker has booked 11/12/2014 - 12/12/2014 as a Holiday.

As these are both absences with the Type set as 'Holiday' they are exported and are displayed in the Company's Google Calendar: