API v2: Overview

The Cezanne HR API (Application Programming Interface) has been created to allow integration with other products and services, along with enabling clients and third parties to integrate data with their own internal applications or create new ones.

How has the API been developed?

The API has been developed based on the Open Data Protocol (oData), which is built on web technologies such as HTTP and popular methodologies such as REST (Representational State Transfer). The API can return data either in XML (Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

As HR data can be confidential, the API is secured and supports both Basic Authentication and oAuth 2, the latter being mandatory for applications developed against the API. Access to the API can also be restricted to specific users, with access to data matching the main application. For example, if Joe Bloggs can only see people in the UK through the main application, the same restrictions will apply when using an application via the API. For more information, see: Allowing Access to the API.

Reporting Tools

As well as using code to access the API, it is also possible to use tools such as Excel Power Query and AutoTag from windward reporting to access the API and product reports.


Access to the API is via the following URLs:


API Version 2

- Production


 - Test


API Version 1 (Old Version)

- Production


 - Test



  • To view the metadata for each API add /$metadata to the end of the URL e.g.
  •  https://w3.cezanneondemand.com/CezanneOnDemand/v2/dataservice.svc/$metadata