API v1: Dependants (Deprecated)

The Dependants API enables all information from the People >> Personal Information >> Contact Details >> Dependants tab for active and non active employees to be retrieve and modified through this API. The unique key for the API is PERSONID, RELATIONSHIPCODEDESCRIPTION, GIVENNAME, FAMILYNAME.

Field Label Mandatory Comments
PERSONID Person Code Y  
PERSONNAME Name   Read only field 
SALUTATIONDESCRIPTION Dependant Salutation    
GIVENNAME Dependant First Name Y  
MIDDLENAME Dependant Middle Name    
FAMILYNAME Dependant Surname Y  
FAMILYNAMEPREFIX Dependant Family Name Prefix    
SUFFIXTITLE Dependant Suffix Title    
ADDITIONALFAMILYNAMES Dependant Add. Family Name   Read only field 
BIRTHDATE Dependant Date of Birth    
AGEMONTHS Age (Mths)   Read only field 
AGEYEARS Age (Yrs)   Read only field 
CITYOFBIRTH Dependant City of Birth    
REGIONOFBIRTH Dependant Region of Birth    
REGIONOFBIRTHCODE Dependant Region of Birth Code    
COUNTRYOFBIRTHDESCRIPTION Dependant Country of Birth    
DECEASED Dependant Deceased    
DEATHDATE Dependant Deceased Date    
HOMEPHONENUMBER Dependant Home Number    
WORKPHONENUMBER Dependant Work Number    
WORKPHONENUMBEREXT Dependant Work Number Ext.    
MOBILEPHONENUMBER Dependant Mobile Number    
EMAIL Dependant E-mail    
ADDRESSLINEONE Dependant Address Line 1    
ADDRESSLINETWO Dependant Address Line 2    
ADDRESSLINETHREE Dependant Address Line 3    
ADDRESSLINEFOUR Dependant Address Line 4    
ADDRESSLINEFIVE Dependant Address Line 5    
CITY Dependant City    
REGIONCODE Dependant Region Code    
REGION Dependant Region    
COUNTRYDESCRIPTION Dependant Country    
POSTCODE Dependant Postcode    
DISABLED Dependant Disabled    
TOBACCOUSER Dependant Tobacco User    
STUDENT Dependant Student    
GENDERDESCRIPTION Dependant Gender    
COMMENTS Comments    

No navigation relations exist.


The security for each role is defined in the following table:

Security Role Comments
HR Prof Has full access to everyone within the system.
Restricted HR Has access to people as defined by the user's security configuration.
Line Manager Has read only access to their and all subordinate records.
Self Service Has read only access to their record.