My Goal Reviews

Goals are continuous performance objectives managed by an Employee and Reviewer. This functionality allows you to monitor and review Goals as regularly as you need throughout the year, rather than just during an annual appraisal.

My Goal Reviews Screen

The 'My Goal Reviews' Screen is used to add, view and manage your Goals and also any Goals you are the Reviewer for.

Navigate to: My Self >> My Goal Reviews.


From this screen, you will not be able to:
  • See Employees that you are not already the Reviewer of a Goal for.
  • Add a Goal for an employee that is not listed (however, a Goal can be added for subordinates not listed using the 'Goals' screen).
  1. Search for an Employee.
  2. Select 'Your Goals' to display your Goals.
  3. The list of Employees displays the people who have Goals you are reviewing. 
  4. Search for a Goal.
  5. Tick the checkbox to display any Archived Goals.
  6. Choose to group the list of Goals by Category or Status using the drop-down.
  7. A list of relevant Goals for the selected Employee.
  8. Click E-mail Reviewer to write an e-mail to a Reviewer about the Goals ('Your Goals' only).

Starting a Goal

If you have been given permission, you can add your own Goals and Goals for an Employee.

  1. Click Add New.
  1. Select a category for your Goal.
  2. Click OK.

Completing a Goal

Goal forms are configured by your HR Team by category and are therefore likely to look different to the screenshot below.

  1. Fill in the relevant Goal details. Depending on how your system has been configured:
    • Some fields may be Read-only.
    • Changing the 'Status' is likely to change the permissions of a Goal for the Reviewer and/or Employee.
  2. Click Save.


  • If you change the 'Reviewer' of a Goal the old 'Reviewer' will no longer see the Goal on their 'My Goal Reviews' screen.