Calendar Basics

The Calendar shows all Absence Events, Calendar Events, Development Activities and Public Holidays for you and your colleagues (based on filter groups).

  • The default view is Month.
  • Opens the current month (with today's date highlighted).
  • Depending on your role and security policy, you will be able to add some or all of your colleagues to the calendar using filter groups.

Pinned Filters are displayed at the top of the calendar, all ticked and therefore applied by default.

Unticking a calendar filter will remove the events for the related employees' events from the calendar.

To see the events on the calendar again, simply re-tick the calendar filter.


  • To change which Filter Groups are pinned, you need to open the Filter Group Settings. For more information, see: Filter Group Settings.
  • Depending on how your system is configured, Filter Group Settings may not be available.
Calendar Views

To change between the available views, click the buttons in the top-right corner of your calendar.

Calendar Views
  • Month - Displays events for the selected month (all employee events on a single calendar).
  • Timeline Month - Displays events for the selected month (one row per employee).
  • Week - Displays events for the selected week (one row per employee).
  • Day - Displays events for a single day (one row or column per employee).
Changing the Date

The Date controls can be found in the top-left corner of the Calendar.

Changing the Date
  • Use the single arrows to move forward or backward by a month, week or day (depending on view).
  • Use the Date picker to select a specific date.
  • Click Today to return to the current day.
Export as PDF

The PDF option enables you to export the currently displayed calendar view as a PDF file.

Export as PDF
Show All Events

When using the Month view, if there are more than four absence events on a given day, only four will be shown by default with three dots to indicate that there are more events for that day. The Show All Events button enables you to see all absence events for all days.

Show All Events
Event Types

The Calendar in Cezanne displays the following five types of events:

Absences (Holiday, Sickness, etc) Displays all absences booked by an employee (The colour of the bar and the text are determined by the Absence Type of an absence).
Development Activities Displays all scheduled / completed Development Activities that an employee is enrolled in.
Public / Bank Holidays Displays all Bank Holidays from an employee's Absence Calendar.
Person Calendar Events Displays all of an employee's Calendar Events.
Company Calendar Events Displays all of a company's Calendar Events.
Company Location Calendar Events Displays all of a company location's Calendar Events.
Org Unit Calendar Events Displays all of an org unit's Calendar Events.


  • Depending on your system configuration, these events may use different colours than those shown above.
  • Non-working days are also displayed in grey on the Day, Week and Timeline Month views:

Half Day Absences

When using the Month view, absence events span a full day. If the event is only a half day absence, an icon is displayed which indicates whether it is the first half or second half of the day.

Displayed Absence Status
Approval Pending


Displayed Development Activity Status