Calendar Events

The Calendar Events screen is used to add an event (such as Working from Home) to your calendar.

To add a new Calendar Event:

Navigate to: My Self >> Additional Information >> Calendar Events

  1. Select Add New
  2. Select Event Type (this will be displayed on your Calendar)
  3. (Optional) Enter a Description (this will be displayed on your Calendar)
  4. Select Effective From and Effective To.
  5. Choose whether this is an All Day event. If this option is unticked, the Start Time and End Time fields will need to be filled in.
  6. (Optional) Enter any relevant Comments.


  • Depending on the configuration of your system, it is likely that other employees will be able to see your Calendar Events on their Calendar. For more information about who can see your Calendar Events, contact your HR Team.
  • Calendar Events are not linked to the Absence or Time modules.