Filter Group Settings

The Filter Group Settings option enables you to change which filter groups are pinned to the top of your Calendar and therefore can be used as filters.

The Filter Group Settings screen displays all of your available default and custom filter groups:


  • Depending on how your system has been configured, you may see different default groups to those in the screenshot above.
  • Depending on your role and security policy, you will be able to add some or all of your colleagues to custom filter groups.
  • Default filter groups cannot be edited or deleted.
Pinning Filters to your Calendar

To use a filter group as a Calendar Filter, you need to pin it to the Calendar.

  1. Set the filter(s) you want to pin to ON.
  2. Select Apply Filter.
  1. The pinned filter groups are available to be used at the top of your calendar.
Filter Group Options
  1. Delete a filter group. (Custom Filter Groups only)
  2. View the employees in a filter group. (Company Configured Filter Groups and Custom Filter Groups only)
  3. Update a group's name and edit its selected employees. (Custom Filter Groups only)
Adding Custom Filter Groups

Depending on your role and security policy, you may be able to add some or all of your colleagues to Custom Filter Groups.

  1. Select Add New Filter Group.
Adding New Filter Groups
  1. Enter a Filter Name.
  2. Click Add Employees.
  1. Search and select which employees you wish to add to this filter group.
    • To select multiple employees, hold down CTRL and select each employee.
    • To select a list of employees, click the first item, hold down Shift and select the last employee.
  1. Click Select to add all selected employees to the Filter Group.
  1. Click Save.
  1. The new Filter Group is added to the list:


  • If an employee leaves the company, who you have selected in one or more of your added groups, you will need to remove them manually.