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Using Single Sign-On with the Android App

This article shows you how to use single sign-on to log in to the Cezanne HR for Mobile Android app.

  1. Open the Cezanne HR for Mobile app.
  2. Select Configure Account.
  1. Select 'I need to use single sign-on (SSO)'
  1. Enter your company name from your Cezanne URL
  1. On the right-hand side of the login page, select the required single sign-on option and follow the instructions to log in:


  • Depending on the configuration of your system, the available single sign-on options could be different to those shown below. For more information, contact your HR team.
  1. Click Accept on the authorization screen (It can take a few seconds for the button to become available).
  1. You will now be logged in and able to continually access the app without having to re-enter your login details.


  • If you uninstall and re-install the app, you will need to go through this process again to log in.