My Delegations

The My Delegations screen enables you to delegate your approval tasks to another system user so that they can perform the action on your behalf.

For example, you could delegate vacation requests from your subordinates to another approver while you are on vacation.


  • Depending on how your system has been configured, this screen may be read-only. For more information, please contact your HR Team.
  1. Click the My Delegations button from the Quick Actions widget on your Home Dashboard.
  1. Select Add New.
  1. Select the dates that the delegation will be Effective From and Effective To.
  2. Choose the Additional Approver that you want to delegate to.
  3. Select the required Process Flow Category to delegate (Select 'All Process Flows' to delegate all process flows that you have permission to delegate).
  4. If you selected a specific category, choose whether to delegate approval tasks for all Process Flows in Category or a Specific Process Flow. (Select the Process Flow from the drop-down).
  5. Click Save.


  • Delegation is only available for Absence, Time, Form Builder and My Self Process Flows.
  • If the Title of a Process Flow in the Active list appears in red, this means that the Process Flow that the delegation relates to has been terminated by your HR Team. You will need to set up a new delegation record for the new Process Flow. For more information, please contact your HR Team.