Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard displays key information, searches and links using configurable widgets.  The following widgets are displayed by default:

  1. Tasks
  2. My Absences Summary
  3. Quick Actions
  • Additional widgets are available and it is also possible to configure their layout and size.
  • The default and available widgets will vary depending on the configuration of a company's Cezanne system.
  • Other dashboards, that contain different widgets, are available from the main navigation.
Widget Menu Options

Click the Menu button in a Widget's heading to display the available options:

1. Widget Menu Options

Change Height

To change the height of a Widget use the '+' or '-' buttons e.g.:

Change Height


To remove a widget from the dashboard, click the 'X' button:


Save As

The following three options are only available for Widgets that display Graphs and Charts, and enable them to be saved and used outside of Cezanne:

  • PDF
  • SVG
  • PNG
Save As

Save / Cancel

If you alter the height and/or remove widgets:

  • Click Save to keep the changes
  • Click Cancel to discard the changes:
Save / Cancel
Configure Dashboard Screen

To open this screen click the ‘Configure Dashboard’ button, in the top right hand corner of the dashboard:

2. Configure Dashboard Screen

The screen contains the following sections:

  1. Choose Layout
  2. Available Widgets
  3. Active Widget

Choose a Layout

The following layout options are available:

Choose a Layout
  • The order of widgets is row-based.
  • In the example below the two column layout has been selected with four widgets:

Adding Widgets

  1. Find the widget you want to add in the Available Widgets list.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. The Widget will be added to the bottom of the Active Widgets list.
Adding Widgets

Moving and Removing Widgets

  1. Move a Widget up the list
  2. Move a Widget down the list
  3. Remove a Widget
Moving and Removing Widgets

Saving a Configuration

  • To complete the configuration, click Save.
Saving a Configuration
Available Widgets
  • Tasks
  • My Absences Summary
  • Quick Actions
  • Absence % (Current Year)
  • Absence Plan Searches
  • Absence Searches
  • Absences by Reason (Current Year)
  • FTE Headcount by Year
  • Headcount by Year
  • Headcounts
  • Monthly Trend of Absences % (Current Year)
  • My Participation in Performance Processes
  • Number of Sickness Events by Year
  • Today's Absences
  • Turnover
  • Workforce Demographics
  • Working Time Lost Due to Sickness by Weekday (Calendar Year)
  • Working Time Lost Due to Sickness by Weekday (Rolling Year)
  • Yearly Working Time Lost to Sickness


  • A description of each widget can be found using the available information buttons: