My Check-in Reviews

Check-ins are regular performance meetings between Employees and Reviewers. They can be used to record:

  • A summary of the meeting. 
  • Any Outcomes / Actions to be completed. 
  • Any discussion points between participants. 

My Check-in Reviews Screen

The 'My Check-in Reviews' Screen is used to add, view and manage your Check-ins and also any Check-ins you are the Reviewer for. 

Navigate to: My Self >> My Check-ins Reviews.


  • From this screen, you will only see other Employees that you are already the Reviewer of a Check-in for.
  • Regardless of settings, you will not be able to add a Check-in for an employee that is not listed.
  1. 'Your Check-ins' displays your own Check-ins.
  2. The list of Employees displays the people who have Check-ins you are reviewing.
  3. A list of relevant Check-ins for the selected Employee.
  4. Search for an Employee.
  5. Use the drop-down to filter the list of Check-ins by year.

Starting a Check-in

If you have been given permission to start a Check-in, you will see one of the following:

  • Add New button.
  • A button at the top of the Check-in Reviews screen to initiate a Check-in task/process.

Completing a Check-in

After starting a Check-in, the following tabs can be filled in depending on your system configuration:

Details Tab

Use the Details tab to:

  • Add a Check-in Date.
  • View any Meeting Guidance.
  • Enter a Meeting Summary.

Outcomes Tab

If enabled, you can log any outcomes/actions from a Check-in meeting using the Outcomes tab.

  1. Enter the Effective Date.
  2. Enter the Outcome Description.
  3. Enter the Status of the Outcome.
    • In Progress
    • Completed
    • Removed
  4. Enter the Outcome Deadline (Optional).
  5. Enter any notes.
  6. Save & Close.

Discussion Tab

If enabled, you can use the Discussion tab to add comments before, during or after a Check-in meeting.

This tab is free for you to decide how to best use it, for example, it could be used to:

  • Discuss arranging a new Check-in meeting.
  • Keep track of how well the Employee is progressing with their Outcomes.
  • Hold the Check-in meeting remotely.