Annual Overview

The Annual Overview shows all of a person's booked absences, calendar events and development activities for any calendar year.

Navigate to: Myself or My Team >> Annual Overview.

Changing Calendar Year

You can change the displayed Calendar Year using the Year selector in the top-right corner.

Changing Calendar Year
Displayed Event Types
Booked Absences
Half Day Absence (Start to Middle of Day)
Half Day Absence (Middle to End of Day)
Overlapping Events
Bank Holidays
Company Events
Org Unit Events
Person Events
Development Activities
Non-Working Days


  • Different booked absences will use different colours, e.g. Holiday and Sickness.
Displayed Absence Status
Approval Pending
Add Absence

To add an absence directly from this screen, select Add Absence.

Add Absence
View Absences

If you want to see more detail about any absences, select View Absences.

View Absences