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View / Edit Your Information

There are a number of screens which you can use to view information about yourself.

These screens can be split into three types:

  • Read-only - Information can be read, but not edited.
  • Editable - Data can be read and edited, with no approval process.
  • Editable within process - Data can be read but must be edited using an approval process.

Editing data in a process is used on four screens:

  • Personal Information
  • Additional Characteristics
  • Contact Details
  • Bank Details

The four processes work in the same way (The Personal Information process is shown below).

Navigate to: Myself >> Personal & Work Details >> Personal Information

Once the process has loaded:

  1. Make the required changes.
  2. Click to Save and Submit for approval.

When you submit a request, you will receive a confirmation message on screen:

Approval Process

  • A request can be approved or declined by a supervisor.
  • Before it is approved, when you look at the screen, the original data will be displayed. Once approved, it will change to reflect the updates.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the request has been approved or declined:

Approval Process


  • If you have sent a request for approval, you will not be able to edit that screen again until the original request has been approved or declined.